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Création de société en Belgique
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Member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a founder member of the European Union (EU), Luxembourg has at the present time a population of about 500 000, speaking three official languages : Luxembourgish, French, and German. Bordered by France, Germany and Belgium, "Grand Duchy of Luxembourg" (the other name of Luxembourg) belongs to the close circle of the richest countries over the world. This is because of its capability to fit policy to the needs of investors, as spontaneously as the latter come up. It sustains a tax structure which not only favours foreign investors but also keeps the Administration away from any conflicts with EU members.

Types of business entity in Luxembourg
A serious investor always complies with the laws and regulations in force of the country where he plans to set up either a company or a branch of a company. In general, the number of the partners, or of the shareholders, as well as the investment resources direct the choice to a particular type of business entity. There are about ten types in Luxembourg, and the most frequent ones are:

o SA or "société anonyme", similar to plc (public limited companies) in UK ;
o SARL and SARLU, acronyms of " société à responsabilité limitée" and of "société à responsabilité limitée unipersonnelle", similar to Ltd (limited companies) in UK ;
o SC meaning "société coopérative", similar to Limited liability cooperatives in UK.
Of course, a new company's corporate name must be different from the existing entities.

Attractiveness of Luxembourg
Generally speaking, what motivates international investors the most, when choosing a foreign country to invest in, are: protection and safe conditions; capital market liquidity and size; tax system and measures taken by the country's administration in order to prompt new foreign investments; social and human environmental conditions; the country's economy.

Social climate in Luxembourg has had the special feature of being calm, for about 50 years. Luxembourger workers nature is one of the reasons why foreigners invest in that country. Building a company in Luxembourg territory is far more interesting for business firms and also for SOPARFIs (acronym of "Sociétés à participation financière", in French). These kinds of firm have many advantages from tax exemption. That means their activities yield higher return.

Some advice and some information about creating a company in Luxembourg

Despite all the benefits the economic system of a country may generate for new investments, everyone ought to keep in mind that a sound market analysis remains the very first step before getting involved in any further decisions, when talking about creating a company. Only after having done that essential thing may the investor go ahead in his firm creating project.

Except as otherwise provided, creating a business entity in Luxembourg starts from the registration of the company and the publication of the articles of incorporation. The whole process, which will not be detailed in here, goes through different administrative procedures.

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